3 Steps to Insuring Your Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry

3 Steps to Insuring Your Fine Jewelry

While there is approximately 58 million pounds of chocolate sold during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day and it is estimated that 250 million flowers are sold for Valentine’s Day with 84% of them being red roses, there are those out there that enjoyed getting an expensive piece of jewelry. Or maybe fine jewelry was just part of last year’s purchases. Whatever the reason it’s time to make sure it is covered under your Homeowners policy. It is true there most likely is a warranty through the vendor where the piece was purchased.  Maybe even an extended warranty.  And that’s great.  That will insure that the stones in the setting are secure.  It will take care of keeping the jewelry cleaned.  What it won’t take care of is the loss from theft, fire or mysterious disappearance from your home. Here are 3 quick and easy steps to take to make sure you have the right coverage for your fine jewelry, whether it was a Valentine’s gift or any  jewelry purchase.


Step 1 – Keep the receipt!

Having the receipt readily available is your proof of purchase. It is also beneficial to scan a copy of the receipt and keep the PDF in cloud storage.  Take a few pictures of the piece of jewelry and keep the pictures with the receipt. 

But what if you are on the receiving end of the gift? It may seem awkward to ask your significant other for the receipt of the jewelry. However, being up front about the reason why will show them you really care about keeping your new gift insured.  

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Step 2 – Get it appraised

Why get an appraisal if you have a receipt? Well, the receipt is the proof of purchase.  It doesn’t necessarily prove how much the piece of jewelry is worth. The worth of the jewelry will fluctuate over time.  So it is best to get an appraisal done every couple years.  And every time that you do make sure to contact Lareme, your Canyon Lands Insurance agent. He will need to keep that appraisal documented with the carrier.

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Step 3 – Call Lareme!

Last but not least, call Lareme, your Canyon Lands Insurance agent. He is going to love hearing about your new gift! More importantly, he will make sure the item has the right coverage needed. Having the receipt and appraisal ready to send him will make the process quick and easy.  

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Now you can enjoy your new jewelry and sleep well at night knowing you have the right coverage.  If you have any questions feel free to contact your Canyon Lands Insurance agent, Lareme Fessler.

Lareme is committed to serving San Tan Valley, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, Mesa, Apache Junction and ALL of Arizona, California, Idaho and Utah with all of your insurance needs.

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