5 Steps to Take After a Minor Car Crash

5 Steps to Take After a Minor Car Crash


Being involved in a car crash is a terrifying thought. It can happen to anyone. Even if you are a safe driver. Just ask anyone that has experienced an auto accident. In 2019, there were 129,750 car crashes in Maricopa County alone. That is approximately 355 crashes per day.  In the moment that must be emotionally stressful. And chances are, it is a very shocking situation to handle. Thinking clearly may be difficult. The best-case scenario is to be prepared if it does happen. These 5 steps will help get you through the first moments after a minor car crash.


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 1.  Remain Calm
First things first remain calm. Take a deep breath. It is never a good idea to blame, shout or yell. Instead, make sure everyone is alright and there are no serious injuries. Call 911 immediately if there are injuries and help those in need if you are able to. It will be best for the vehicle to be moved to a safe place if you are blocking traffic or in an intersection. If the vehicle is not able to move, make sure all individuals go to a safe spot on the side of the road.
2.  Call 911
Once you are in a safe location and everyone is ok, you will need to call 911. They will ask your location so make sure you are aware of the cross-streets and which corner you are on. You will be asked the type of vehicles involved, if there are any injuries, your name, and phone number. It can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for the police or fire dept to show up at your location. Maybe a little longer if you are in a more remote location. Be patient while you wait for their arrival. Take another deep breath.
3.  Exchange Information
While you are waiting for emergency services to arrive, it would be a good time to exchange information with the other driver. Make sure you have your driver’s license and auto insurance card. If it is possible, take a picture of their driver’s license and the front/back of their insurance card. If you do not have a way to take a picture, make sure to get the driver’s full name, phone number, address, insurance company name, policy number, insurance company’s claim phone number. It will also be important to get the name and badge ID of the officer that fills out the police report, along with the police report number. If the other driver is writing down the information for you, make sure you can read it clearly before you leave the scene of the accident. Take another deep breath.
4.  Take Pictures
It will be very helpful to take pictures of the accident. Take pictures of the vehicles involved, including the license plates. If there is damage to the surrounding areas, such as a wall that was hit or a pole/sign that was knocked down, get pictures of that. Check for skid marks on the road that could help in painting a picture of the cause or who may be at fault. You guessed it, take another deep breath.
5.  Notify Insurance Companies
When you get home take a moment to document everything you remember. Write it down if you have to. Once the adrenaline begins to wear off, your memory may too. If you are not at fault, call the other driver’s insurance company as soon as possible. It is best to call the insurance company of the other driver first if they were at fault. If you may be at fault, notify your insurance first. Have the information handy that you exchanged at the scene of the accident. You will have to give it to different people throughout the whole process over the next few days. Did you remember to take another deep breath?

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