Top 3 Road Hazards to Avoid

Top 3 Road Hazards to Avoid

Top 3 Road Hazards to Avoid


Distractions are everywhere when driving in Arizona. In the car, distractions could be the kiddos, other passengers, cell phones that are ringing and dinging. Distractions outside, otherwise known as road hazards, are endless. These road hazards can jump out at you at the last moment.  

Like the other day, I was heading to Prospector Park in Apache Junction, with a car full of kids.  When all of the sudden I noticed an oddly shaped “thing” heading straight for me. Well, actually, I was heading straight for it. There was zero time for me to miss it so I hit it head-on. You would have thought I hit another car from the sound of the impact. The kids were all screaming and I was terrified to see what kind of damage there was or if the vehicle would still run properly.  Thankfully, the car and everyone was ok. That “thing” in the road ended up being a rod iron lamp that became even more oddly shaped.

The good news is the more aware you are of the most common road hazards, the more chance you have of avoiding them! Let’s take a look at the top 3 road hazards to avoid while driving in Arizona and ways to avoid them.

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1. Pedestrians/Bicyclists/Motorcyclists 

Arizona has some of the best weather in the country. A common pastime for many people living in Gold Canyon/Apache Junction is enjoying the outdoors. There are many active residents and winter visitors in Gold Canyon & Apache Junction. It’s important to be aware of pedestrians that are walking, running, or jogging on the roadside. This also includes children going to and coming from school, which is more common in Apache Junction. Bicyclists and motorcyclists are very common in Arizona as well. Great weather means a great day for a ride! Keep an eye out for motorcycles on the 60 freeway as you travel through Gold Canyon and Apache Junction, or any freeway that you’re driving on. Make sure you’re checking your blind spots frequently and watch for bike lanes to the far right of most roads.

2. Work Zones

In most cities around Arizona, you will find road construction. This includes Gold Canyon and Apache Junction. There is freeway construction, road construction, and residential construction. It is important to obey all traffic signs and postings in any work zone. Pay close attention to your speed going through a work zone. There is a reason for these rules and laws. There are construction workers all around so look out for their bright yellow vest. The roads are usually torn up with uneven concrete, potholes, or traffic lights not working. There may also be lane closures or lane changing in unexpected areas. If you want to plan ahead before heading out, check out Arizona Traveler Information.  This website shows you real-time road closures for the entire state of Arizona. The website also shows accidents and other incidents. I just checked it and it showed an “accident involving a pedestrian.” I sure hope everyone is okay.

3. Road Debris

With all the construction going on around Gold Canyon/Apache Junction and the high amounts of traffic on the road you can guarantee there will be debris on the road. This can be anything from boxes, trash/plastic bags, or even ladders/buckets. The larger the debris the scarier.  Seeing it at the last minute could result in a car crash. The larger debris is generally found on the freeway so keep your eyes on the road at all times. The smaller debris is usually found on city roads. Try to safely avoid hitting any boxes or trash bags head-on. You never know what’s inside. The contents could do damage to your vehicle. Plastic grocery bags can also do damage to your vehicle’s engine.  Common places to check for plastic bags is the front grill of your vehicle or under the vehicle.


Being aware on the road is probably the most important way to avoid road hazards while driving. Avoiding road hazards while driving will keep you and your passengers safe while traveling. Being a safe driver will give you peace of mind and lower insurance rates! If you have any questions about safe driver discounts contact Lareme Fessler, your Canyon Lands Insurance agent. Lareme is committed to serving Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, and all of Arizona, Utah & Idaho with all your insurance needs.

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