3 Benefits of a Teenage Driver

teenage driver

3 Benefits of a Teenage Driver

Benefits of a Teenage Driver

Are you the parent of a teenager that is approaching the rite of passage to drive? If yes, there are several pros and cons to having a teen driver. Maybe you have been going back and forth whether or not it’s the right time for them to get their driver’s license. Let’s take a look at 3 benefits that will hopefully ease your mind and get you super excited to have a new driver in the household.

Bonding Time!

Here is a chance to bond with your teenager.  And in a completely different way!  More like an adult.  Working together to achieve the same goal…  Getting their driver’s license.  Set target dates that both of you can look forward to.  Set time aside to teach them safe driving skills.  Encourage them to take action in the process.  Ask for their feedback.  On the plus side, you will get alone time to talk about life while they drive you here and there. 



Shifting Responsibility

As you and your teen come up with a driving plan together, you will notice a shift in responsibility.  What was once all on you, as a parent, is slowly shifting to your teen. So why not take advantage of it now? The sooner the shift occurs the sooner your teen driver will benefit. They will be more prepared as they adjust to important responsibilities. Things like, money management skills, car maintenance and adhering to driving rules. On a larger scale, they will learn to abide by traffic laws and driving regulations. It is so important for your teen driver to learn these skills while still under your roof where they can make mistakes in a safe and loving environment.

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Safe Driving 

The more you do something the better you get at it. Safe driving takes time and practice! Over time they could be learning driving skills from educational classes, online courses, and written & behind the wheel testing. However, the most important person teaching them is you, the parent.  While you spend time with your new driver you can give them more responsibility and teach them safe driving skills while you monitor their driving before they turn 18 and move out on their own. This time is meant for learning and correction. Being able to point out driving habits that may need improvement is essential to their driving success. The experiences you give your teenager while still under your roof will be so valuable that hopefully last a lifetime for them.  

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By considering these points, you can look forward to this rite of passage for your teenager and you.  If you have any questions about adding your teen to your auto policy call Lareme Fessler, Canyon Lands Insurance agent.  Lareme is committed to serving San Tan Valley, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, Mesa, Apache Junction and all of Arizona, California, Idaho and Utah with all of your insurance needs.

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