4 Tips to Prepare Your Teen for Their Driver’s License

4 Tips to Prepare Your Teen for Their Driver’s License

4 Tips to Prepare Your Teen for Their Driver’s License


Can you remember back when you were preparing to get your driver’s license? Times have changed quite a bit over the years and months in regard to technology and COVID-19. Preparing your teen for the road will definitely be different from your own experience. Before your teen gets behind the wheel it’s important to do some prep beforehand.  Here are 4 tips to take into consideration that will help you as a parent and your teenager stay up with the times!


MVD Requirements 

First things first, check out Arizona MVD to get the latest information and requirements on applying for a driver’s license. (You may need to set up an account with the Arizona MVD to navigate through their new website or select Guest at the bottom of the page.) There is a process that you will have to follow as your teenager fully receives their license: minimum age for a driving permit, how many supervised driving hours will they need, types of testing (written/physical) and documentation/cost. Additionally, with COVID-19 there are new social distancing policies put in place that limit availability at the MVD. Make sure you are fully informed of these newest requirements so it doesn’t delay the process.


Drivers Education Course

Second, driver education classes are available for all drivers, whether well seasoned or beginners. These types of courses not only teach your teen valuable driving skills that will keep them safe but they will save you money on your auto policy. There are courses are available online. Some high schools provide a Drivers Ed class. You may also choose to find a private agency that offers “on the road training.” Most insurance companies offer a discount upon completion of the course as long as you are provided a certificate of completion. To find out more information on this type of discount call your Canyon Lands Insurance agent, Lareme Fessler.


Mobile Apps and Driving Accessories 

Third, there are a variety of mobile apps that can encourage safe driving and give you peace of mind. In addition to apps, there are plug-in devices that tap into your car diagnostics to track speed, location and breaking. Along with using these tech options for safety reasons, they can also be used to help teach your teen driver where they can improve. There are also insurance companies that offer rewards programs when these apps and accessories are used. To find out if your policy has this type of discount program make sure to reach out to Lareme Fessler.


Sign a Safe Driving Contract

Lastly, a safe driving contract is a great way for you and your teen to establish boundaries and expectations for driving. Creating a contract that outlines safe driving will help reinforce good driving habits. A great resource is the CDC Parent-Teen Driving Agreement.

As you can see from these tips, times have certainly changed since we earned our driver’s licenses. After implementing these tips make sure to contact your Canyon Lands Insurance agent, Lareme Fessler.  He can make sure you’re getting the appropriate discounts or a free quote.  Lareme is committed to serving Gold Canyon, Apache Junction and all of Arizona, Idaho & Utah with all your insurance needs.

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