Teen Drivers and 5 Crucial Rules For The Road

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Teen Drivers and 5 Crucial Rules For The Road

Teen Drivers and Five Crucial Rules For The Road


Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths in the United States.  Most teen drivers are aware of this fact and the risks that come with driving. Parents, it is critical to keep the communication open while “you’re still in control.” Be sure to reinforce the rules for the road with your teen to encourage and motivate safe driving behavior. The NHTSA has adopted these crucial rules for National Teen Driver Safety Week. Realistically, these rules can be talked about and enforced all year round.

Rule for the Road # 1 Wear a seatbelt

It’s no surprise that rule number one is to buckle up for safety! This applies to everyone, every time. It shouldn’t matter how short or long the driving distance is. Make certain this rule is established right off the bat. I’m grateful for my kids that remind me to put my seatbelt on before I take off, not while I’m already on the move.

Rule for the Road # 2 No Speeding 

Your teen may think driving fast is fun, but it is unsafe and illegal. Losing control can happen in the blink of an eye. There is also the risk of getting a speeding ticket. This can result in hefty consequences. Fines, increased car insurance, traffic school, etc. Better to be safe and take it easy than to chance the negative consequence.

Rule for the Road # 3 No Distractions

Texting and phone use can result in fines, tickets, or even a car crash. Results of distracted driving are one reason why auto insurance rates are on the rise. Many cities and states have passed laws that prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. Make sure that your teen knows never to use a phone while driving, no matter what. Pulling over to a safe location or waiting to get to the destination is a safer solution.

Rule for the Road # 4 No Extra Passengers

Distractions are everywhere when you are a teen driver. It is best to limit these distractions by having no extra passengers. Adding additional teen passengers can become extremely unsafe.  

Rule for the Road # 5 No Alcohol or Drug Use 

Underage drinking is illegal. Drinking and driving can be deadly. Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol can result in severe consequences such as loss of driving privileges, large fines, or worse.

These crucial rules will take only a few minutes to discuss with your teen driver and will last a lifetime if reminded and reinforced often as you feel is necessary, whether it’s daily, weekly, or yearly. Remember, “you’re in control”. Reach out to your Canyon Lands Insurance agent, Lareme Fessler to get a quote or to make sure you or your teen driver qualifies for Safe Driver discounts.  Lareme is committed to serving Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, and all of Arizona with all your insurance needs. 

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