Top 3 Most Forgotten Topics to Teach Your Teen Driver

Top 3 Most Forgotten Topics to Teach Your Teen Driver


Top 3 Most Forgotten Topics to Teach Your Teen Driver

Let’s face it, teaching your teen to drive has got to be one of the most stressful & hardest things to do as a parent! Yes, you are trying to communicate with your teen when they, more than likely, do not want to communicate with you. Or…so you think. Yes, you are trying to drive by example, hoping they won’t pick up on all your bad habits. I know I did from my dad. He was always in a race to the next stop sign when he was the only one going there. I’m glad I got over that early. And yes, the thought of your insurance premiums going up is keeping you up at night! During the chaos of all that, there are many important topics you’ll want to go over with your new teen driver.  Here are the top 3 to add to your list to discuss with them.

1.  May I see your Arizona insurance card and registration, please?

This is a simple, yet easily forgotten topic to go over with your teen driver.  What is car registration?  How much does it cost and when does it expire?  What are those stickers on the license plate on the back of the car?  Where do you keep your proof of registration in the car?  These are all questions that have quick & simple answers!  

What about auto insurance! Take time to go over the front and back of the proof of insurance card. Be sure to let your new driver know where it’s kept in your car. Or have you gone paperless. Do you keep an efile of your insurance card on your phone? Your new teen driver will need access to it. What company are you insured with? What is the policy number? When does the policy expire? Where can you find the customer service phone number? Your Canyon Lands Insurance agent, Lareme Fessler, can help you with any of this. You can also contact him to add your teen driver to your auto policy or if you need to set up a new policy. CLICK HERE to request an auto quote that includes your new teen driver.

2.  Car Maintenance…

I know what you are thinking! It’s one of those chores, you either love it or hate it. The key here is to be excited about teaching your teen driver all about car maintenance. Here are a few suggestions for simple auto maintenance.

  • Checking and putting air in tires
  • Warning lights on dashboard
  • Checking fluids 
  • Changing windshield wipers
  • How to jump start a dead car battery
  • Change a tire
  • Being mindful of new noises coming from the vehicle
    • Bonus – Be sure to ask them to imitate the noise that the car is making. This will give you a good laugh.


3.  What to do in an emergency!?

Of course, you can’t stand the thought of your teen in a car emergency. It is extremely important to make sure they are fully prepared for any emergency. Do you have Roadside Assistance? Make sure they know what number to call and what information to have available when they call. Make sure your teen knows the safest spot to pull over in an emergency or if they are being pulled over by the police. If you are considering adding Roadside Assistance to your policy, contact Lareme Fessler.  

They should also know when it is appropriate to call 911. Be sure to have a plan and a checklist if an accident takes place. I’m guessing your teen driver will most likely be terrified. Knowing what information they need to obtain from the other driver will help them feel more confident. 

Lastly, make sure they know how to change a flat tire! Where is the spare tire? Where is the jack? Do they know how to use the jack? Do they know what a “tire iron” is and how to use it? It’s important to keep in mind that if you have aftermarket rims you may need a lug nut key to remove the flat tire.

There you have it! 3 super important topics to always remember when teaching your teen driver. 

If you have any questions about any of these topics or adding a new teen driver to your auto policy be sure to contact Lareme Fessler, your Canyon Lands Insurance agent.  Lareme is committed to serving residents of Gold Canyon, Apache Junction and all of Arizona with your auto insurance needs.

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