Why You Want a Vehicle History Report

Vehicle History Report

Why You Want a Vehicle History Report

How to use a VHR to save yourself from unnecessary challenges.

Are you looking to purchase a new vehicle in Arizona soon?  If so, it’s important for you to review the vehicle history report because there’s no better way to find out where it’s been and what it’s been through.  Still, you need to know what you’re looking for. Here’s one way you can use the vehicle identification number (VIN) to discover the history of a vehicle and avoid buying a lemon.

What is a VIN?
vehicle identification number is a 17-digit series of numbers and letters that provides various bits of information about the vehicle, such as where it was built, who the manufacturer is and what some of its features are. You can also use a VIN to pull vehicle history reports.  You can find the VIN on the inside of the driver’s side door where it latches or by looking in the windshield from outside where the dash meets the hood on the driver’s side of the car.

How can I check my car’s history?
The National Insurance Crime Bureau offers a free service called VINCheck to indicate if a car has been reported as stolen but not recovered.  VINCheck will also reveal if a car’s been reported as a salvage vehicle.  For a full report, complete with all minor repairs and recalls, you can purchase a vehicle history report from major companies such as AutoCheck and Carfax.

What is a salvage title?
If your vehicle history report reveals a salvage title, proceed with caution.  When an insurance company deems a vehicle more costly to repair than it’s worth, it will salvage the vehicle. Usually, this is the result of a major accident, flood or fire. Such vehicles can be dangerous if not repaired correctly or if the damage is too severe.  A salvage title status of a vehicle will also limit the amount of coverage an insurance carrier will allow on the vehicle.

In the end, all the reports in the world won’t guarantee you’ll never have problems with your used car. However, with an inspection and a quick peek into its history, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re purchasing.

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