6 Simple Steps to Obtain an Arizona Travel ID

6 Simple Steps to Obtain an Arizona Travel ID

Do you still need a Travel ID? Not to worry, the deadline has been changed to October 1, 2021!  This type of identification will be required to fly anywhere within the United States for anyone 18 years and older. The MVD or an authorized third party drivers license provider are the only locations to apply for a Travel ID. There may be a little preparation involved with collecting the documents needed and having the fee ready. It is also good to know that the MVD is by appointment only due to Covid-19. If you live in Gold Canyon, Apache Junction or in the East Valley, there is a third party drivers license provider available in Apache Junction. Here are 6 simple steps to obtain an Arizona Travel ID.


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Step 1 

Complete a Travel ID application through azmvdnow.gov.

Step 2 

Gather original identification documents.

    • Birth Certificate or U.S. Passport (to establish legal presence) 
    • Social Security Card or W-2 form (to confirm Social Security information) 
    • Proof of Residency (two documents with your current address, such as bank statements or utility bills)


Step 3 

Schedule an appointment at the MVD or go to a third party drivers license provider. (If you are applying through the MVD, you will need to upload your identification documents to their website before you can schedule an appointment.)

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Step 4 

During your appointment a service provider will review your application, original identification documents, and take a picture of you.

Step 5

Pay $25.00. (If you are applying with the MVD you will pay online) Third party vendors may have an additional fee.

Step 6 

Wait for your Travel ID to arrive via USPS in 2 weeks.

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Now that the deadline has been extended to October 2021, you have plenty of time to plan ahead. Start now and you will be all set to travel for the holidays!  

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